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Of what we can not think and have no words for –
such we dream, seemingly asleep but in our minds
unwinds a movie that takes over logic, sense,
unfencing our understanding.

Only if we wake abruptly we remember some
of what we saw, of what we heard,
but most is gone into oblivion and what
remains in flashes seems absurd.

Yet one day in a shiny rainy street
it will all be revealed in eyes you meet,
which pass you by and make you follow
until you disappear as well.
Your dream comes true.


The end of the day softens our faces;
you look younger, life is over
until we both shall rise again.

We linger a bit, watching birds nestle
in the ruins of the sunset
and I go first to wait for you.


When I met you I became a poet,
about to read his work to a high brow audience,
realizing it was his shopping list he started to declare.

“Bread! Milk! Those cookies with chocolate!
Detergent on sale… Toliet paper?” I must have talked rubbish.
You applauded with your eyes though.

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