Just love me

Sometimes my face does not express
my thoughts or what I want to say
and you look at me askingly,
wondering whether I’m alright or not,
looking so scared as I do: a stranger,
while I just ponder about clouds
and how they soften hard blue skies.

I might have silly muscles in my cheeks,
or eyes not telling what’s inside me,
or clouds may bring fear
in the unconsciousness of the mind.
I shall try to smile more often.
See how clouds are gone now.
I am no stranger anymore. Come, just love me.


Comments on: "Just love me" (12)

  1. Just wonderful!

  2. I tried commenting, but not sure it went. So here it is again — just wonderful! I love this poem.

  3. I love ‘askingly’, a very ‘Anglish’ coining.

  4. Relationships…so often confusing…but always…the simplicity of love…your words express the paradox of loving confusion…

    • Thank you John! People often think I look “dark” , like my grandmother, and suppose I am angry. But it is just the way I look when I am thinking lol. I should think less perhaps!

  5. This poem reflects your realness that runs deep, Ina! I have often been told that my face shows how I’m feeling … especially when I’m not happy. Perhaps that is better than a false expression. Nothing worse than a phony smile. A lovely, profound poem! XO ❀

    • Thank you Diane πŸ™‚ The best smile I got was in hospital when a total stranger gave me an encouraging one, it really helped πŸ™‚ ❀ xxx

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