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Just love me

Sometimes my face does not express
my thoughts or what I want to say
and you look at me askingly,
wondering whether I’m alright or not,
looking so scared as I do: a stranger,
while I just ponder about clouds
and how they soften hard blue skies.

I might have silly muscles in my cheeks,
or eyes not telling what’s inside me,
or clouds may bring fear
in the unconsciousness of the mind.
I shall try to smile more often.
See how clouds are gone now.
I am no stranger anymore. Come, just love me.

At least

Before the babies we went walking
through the landscape of your youth,
wading in waters of a small river
that would never make it to the sea.
All seemed perfect enough that carefree Summer.
We spent nights in a tent together.
We got rings. Was it not a milestone?
No need to put a stone here, you said.
Let at least the river run free.

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