Last rain

We went back to bed
and listened to the rain
with eyes closed
thinking in same speed,
the chain of moments,
our tongues tasting
every memory, each bead.

Your eyes did most of the talking,
we had made love like before,
now we stared at each other.
The sudden ending of the rain
made us realize we were more
naked than we had ever been.

More naked than we had ever been
we listened to the rain again
thinking in same speed.
With eyes closed, we were more.
It was the day after our break up
and all had been said before.


Comments on: "Last rain" (10)

  1. Well, perhaps I shouldn’t say this, but your ending actually made me chuckle. Perhaps my imagination is as unruly as yours, I don’t know, but, as always, there are truths and great observation wrapped up in your verse

  2. A fabulous poem Ina, yet another great love poem and only you can write them like this. Have you just played around with lines yourself here or is this in some organised “form” ie, has the form it has taken got a name? L&H xx

    • Hi Christine, thank you! I am never too sure, the words just came here in that order, and repeat. Maybe it is a form! 🙂 L&H xxx

  3. “Inaresque”! 😊 xx

  4. That conclusion comes almost as a shock, Ina, and leaves the reader to speculate.

  5. This poem shook me. I think I may paint it and hang it up in my room. Absolutely wonderful.

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