He will have to go

After 3 cups of coffee
the cynic in me decides to stay in all day
so through his eyes
I read and watch, feel and smell.

“Go away,” I tell him. “I am in a good mood,
I don’t need you now.”
“I was here when you were down,
I was here for you when your heart was broken!”

“Well, I glued the pieces together. Get out.”
“You need me! You love me!”
“You are pathetic. You are nasty! “
“That’s how you like your thoughts.”

After 4 cups of coffee I give in.
We watch the news together.
“See? Without me, you would have been
in tears by now,” he says. “Pass me the vinegar.”


Comments on: "He will have to go" (6)

  1. It’s that fourth cup of coffee that does it every time…

  2. It’s the vinegar that purses the lips!

  3. Caffeine, vinegar and the news = wonderfully dark humour…

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