We live in our imagination you and I,
a good world where no boundaries are.
Paint me your colours, I emerge as river
under skies of orange, apricot and mauve.

You are the purple fish
that swims against the stream.
I lift my arms and feel the lavender around me
where red has taken over clouds.

Now you are breeze and I am soil and earth.
We live here, in this landscape,
this is ours, our hide away
in a corner of our mind. My love.


Comments on: "Place" (14)

  1. This is fabulous Ina, a painted poem, and I can smell the lavender too. Gorgeous xx

  2. Me and my typos! Im too impatient to do a spellcheck! Lol 😊

  3. Wonderful complementary colors, as on the artist’s color wheel!

  4. Really lovely and gentle with a great ‘impressionist’ feeling about it. Another gem from the mind of Ina πŸ™‚

  5. Beautiful, Ina. I love the images and colors and, especially, the imagination in it! XO ❀

  6. That was a good piece, enjoyed it ❀

  7. Your words paint themselves on the canvas of my heart….xxx

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