Navy blue

’t Was such a day I wanted to wear navy blue,
with maybe a white handbag to go with it, a lady
appropriate in freshness I would be,
a person whom one likes to see walking down the street,
a lady, not only a woman,
a person who can show herself all times,
in navy blue and white.
Yes, that is what I wanted suddenly.

Het was zo’n dag dat ik marineblauw wou dragen,
met een wit tasje nog erbij misschien, een dame
met gepaste frisheid zou ik wezen,
zo iemand die je graag ziet lopen in de straat,
een dame, niet gewoon maar vrouw,
zo iemand die zich overal kan tonen,
in marineblauw en wit.
Ja, dat is wat ik zomaar wou.


Comments on: "Navy blue" (12)

  1. Love this! I’ve had this same feeling. =)

  2. Navy blue and living beside the sea
    makes sense to me,
    Of course I ain’t no lady.

  3. ‘ marineblauw’ is such a lovely word.

  4. Love this, Ina, and it sounds very lady like and nautical! 🙂 ♥

  5. Love it and I also relate! If I try to be too ladylike I usually trip or something. Fun to try, though. Love the wit in this one. 🙂 Xo ❤

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