After arguing for an hour
about the colour the dog had,
there is a silence in the marriage
in which the draught can be heard
and flowers ruffling in a vase, thoughts
are coming out of every corner, their
shaking off dust can be heard,
and now the couple sees each other.

“It was brown,” he says and she disagrees,
and relieved they continue the argument.


Comments on: "Close" (8)

  1. This brought a smile Ina. And it sounds very familia too! L&H xx

  2. Yes, I recognise the truth in this Ina!

  3. I like the title, especially……the play on two meanings: close (as in near) and close (as in shut)…..closed minds that work especially well with the near and dear….

    • Hi Cynthia, thank you, yes, it was only after I put the title there, that I realized the 2 meanings 🙂 I suppose that is serendipity?

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