There was a willow tree,
majestic in the woods
but it stood in the way:
the art school needed space.

The tree was taken down
and paper made of it,
they sold it in a shop
for art- and hobby paint.

A tree was being drawn,
exact the same it was:
the willow on the sheet
of paper that was his.

But life had left the tree,
the painting faded fast,
not liked no more, not cared
the willow was forgotten.

Then on a Summer’s day
the frame fell down the wall,
the drawing flew away
out of the house, was gone.

It landed on the spot
where once the willow stood
and rain fell down and soaked
the painting into soil.

A year went by. In spite
of plans for concrete roads
a willow tree emerged.
Majestic in the woods.


Comments on: "Willow" (9)

  1. What goes around, comes around. Nice circle you draw here, Ina!

  2. A tale for our times, but with a happy ending. 🙂

  3. Magical, Ina … the cycle of life … death and rebirth in ways that can, sometimes, only be imagined. One of your best! XO ❤

  4. Magic indeed…

  5. This is lime a fairytale! Love it! L&H xx

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