Because there is no comparison, I want to be with you,
because there is no reason but desire, and no other way
to tell you than by clumsy means of my endearment,
while I’m trying to acquire more than is for me to have,
because you know this and keep silent. Because of that. I live,
comparing drifting, changing clouds with faces and with you.


Comments on: "Because" (6)

  1. The simplicity of this lovely poem goes deep Ina. Im sure David wrote a poem about “because” but I cant find it on his blog. I was going to quote it for you. Maybe it wasn’t called Because and/or it may not be on his blog or I may have dreamt it!., lol L&H xx

    • Thank you Christine 🙂 Yes, I remember the poem, it was one thing leading to another, I shall ask him about it. L&H xxx

  2. There is no comparison to the beauty and devotion your words convey, Ina. Just lovely! Have a wonderful day! ♥

  3. Heard deeply in my heart…

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