Live on in spite

I watched a seagull,
one of those nice big white ones,
eat a blackbird
at the same time
when I heard
a rocket
in the tv-news land
in a foreign country
killing people
and you

slamming the door.

Nature is cruel you once said
and only denial
can give us
a reason to live on,
cuddling sweet kittens
in spite of harsh reality
(that they are murderers),
in spite of endings, like
a break up, like when it ends:
you and me.

I shall keep your mittens.


Comments on: "Live on in spite" (15)

  1. In my 30’s I had a real bad day. I had a long sad face and people that new me was concerned. After about the 3rd person that asked me, without thinking too much I replied I’m trying to create a good day in spite of myself. I hope you can do it as well. šŸ™‚

  2. What people do to each other in the name of justice, and the way bullying nations escape largely with out criticism because of strategic considerations is one of the things which angers and fills me with sadness at the same time. The way we treat our pets is often much more caring than they way we behave with each other. Somewhere in all this is forgiveness and understanding, although unrecognised by the hot-headed, and I cling to that thought always

    • šŸ™‚ If we would only be as nice to others than we are to our pets! Well most people I know love their pets. Of course there are also people who hate all creatures.

  3. Oh such a lot in this poem Ina! Less is defi itely more here. I love your reflective poems, they are always lovely and tight. I would be so longwinded trying to write something like this. šŸ˜Š L&H xx

  4. I love the ambivalence of this poem, Ina, (something you are so good at) – is life cruel or kind, harsh or cuddly … and, of course, on so many levels, it is both. Mom and I were just talking about one of my cousins whose father recently died. Her grandchild was born a few days later. Endings and beginnings. Let us hope that in all the cruelty and hatred around the world, there are seeds of understanding, forgiveness and, at least, tolerance that will win out in the end. It starts small and in our own corners, I think. Like the US showing compassion for all the children flooding in over the Mexican border from drug-savaged El Salvador. How can we just load six or seven or eight year old children (or even vulnerable teenagers) on a bus and send them back to a life of drugs and prostitution and who knows what? … XO ā™„

    • Thank you very much Diane. Humans need to be human and humanity counts on that, but people are cruel as well as kind, and yes we should never send children back to that! ā™„ xx

  5. YES to all, your words and comments on them…so very much to consider and act on if we are real…

    • Yes! šŸ™‚

    • I meant to say earlier: You look very well, great new photo! šŸ™‚

      • thank you dear Ina and what of you my friend, how goes the vision problems and other challenges?

        • I can see clearly now šŸ™‚ thank you! It is such a relief. But other problems are still there. Going for a prednison shot this month in the knee (that worked for a while) and physiotherapy for other body parts šŸ™‚ How are you doing?

          • So very happy that your vision is now clear, without our eyes, I can’t imagine. I don’t know ‘prednison shot, ‘ do you have problems with movement of limbs? As for me…I will email you…xoxo

            • šŸ™‚ I have some artrose in the knee,
              so I really should get a new one
              but the docs find me too young lol.
              Looking forward to your mail. xx

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