Mutiny on the Pain

Now you, my rock, can’t be seen to guide me
I walk the pace of the captain giving orders
between the windows of this, our house
watching the rain fall on the forecastle
also known as the front borders.

The sunflowers wave while the greyish clouds
foam violently, a yellow turmoil sea and fast
my laundry sails, finding wind on the quarterdeck.
Two cats climb swiftly to be our look out
way up in the apple tree mast.

All is well, the crew seems tired but happy,
though the ship is sinking and a storm rages.
We took over the vessel, we wan from the pirates
and soon we shall enter port. There’s my rock.
I haven’t seen land in ages.


Comments on: "Mutiny on the Pain" (6)

  1. Arrrrr me hearty, time to splice the mainbrace, ’tis a tot o’ rum ye be needing to face them land lubbers…

  2. David said:

    Now I see where all those pics of tall masted ships were leading you! That apostrophe (not punctuation this time) to the rock at the beginning is such a perfect way to start this one, especially with that graceful closing back to the rock. Anyway. I love how you’ve meshed those two worlds, the house as ship and visa versa. Good one.

    • Thank you very much David πŸ™‚ There was a tall ships race, from the dune here the vessels could be seen, lovely sailing ships! I suppose that must have had something to do with it! πŸ™‚

  3. I really love this Ina; I too love how youve melded the two worlds together, really effective L&H xx

  4. Thank you very much Christine πŸ™‚ L&H xx

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