You knew the names of plants and birds by heart
and I forgot them as I could not see them well
but your voice stayed with me, and the timbre changes.
You tought me some of men and what they think.

I do not remember what we did in class
nor could I see what was written on the chalkboard
but I recall everything that happened
on our way in between those ignorant hours at school.

The faces of the ceased poppies and the creep
were haunting me at night;
you told me not to be afraid as you knew that flowers perish
and that poppies and creeps do just that.

We learned by what we witnessed from clouds
on our way to school and back
before I got my glasses and you were made to leave
as they said you were unable to read and write.


Comments on: "In between long hours of ignorance" (8)

  1. That really gripped me, Ina.

  2. Many come and go in our lives but the presence of some, however brief, bless us with wisdom and love. Your memory is very moving Ina xxx

  3. Love this Ina; some memories haunt like this and atick with us. L&H xx

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