Eye surgery

I am gone for a bit to the hospital on the main land, for this afternoon my right eye will be operated on, the same vitrectomy as a few years ago on my left eye, and the next day I shall have an EMG-test for my right arm (which makes me doubt the meaning of the word right 🙂 ) As my eye will need a bit of rest, this means not too much watching the screen.

Hope to be back writing, reading, liking and commenting on Word Press soon! See you all! 🙂 xx


Comments on: "Eye surgery" (27)

  1. Will be thinking of you…rest and recover xxx

  2. Oh dear. Take care, Ina. Hope the eyes gets better soon. Plenty of rest and it’ll soon be well. 🙂

  3. Hope it all goes well 🙂

  4. Thoughts with you for today and tomorrow Ina, I know the vitrectomy operation very well! And here’s hoping you get answers for your arm. L&H xx

    • Hi Christine, thank you, I am glad it is over. The hospital is very good, that helped a lot! My roommate was an elderly gentleman whom I never got to see properly. He did not snore, that was a relief 🙂

  5. prayers for speedy recovery

  6. All good wishes, Ina!

  7. My best wishes too, Ina.

  8. I hope all goes well [and it will!]. Wishing you a swift recovery! 🙂

  9. Hope all has gone well with the surgery and test, Ina, and that you are taking good care of yourself and on the way to recovery. Lots of love and hugs, Diane XO ♥

    • Thank you Diane, for all the comments, hugs and love my dear friend 🙂 ♥ xx

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