In another land
with different gravity
you seem lighter to me,
almost dancing in sunlight,
ignoring the weight
of your rucksack.
How much you carry.

We crossed a border:
we won’t travel on together
and this weighs
heavily on my shoulders;
to be alone
in this different land
where all is rock and stone.


Comments on: "Gravity" (8)

  1. That title “gravity” takes quite a few interesting turns in this poem. I like the closing line very much.

  2. This is an intriguing poem Ina. I found myself thinking about it a lot as I read it.

  3. A couple of takes, as John notes, on gravity, Ina: The gravity of your traveling program who almost dances in sunlight, and then the gravity of upcoming separation, weighing heavily on your shoulders. Life, as a journey, I guess, is like that. If we are with good companionship gravity does seem different. If we are alone we are weighed down and struggling. This poem makes you think.

  4. Loving your poems….. im glad that there are people who use their energy in creative ways.. xoxo. Bless you..

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