Phantom love

I imagine feeling your hand on my skin;
phantom warmth worth crying about.
In my mind is a sauna where we both sweat
while outside the storm rages on and on.

I don’t close my eyes as I think of you.
You appear anyway. Your hand
weighs heavily on my shoulder every time
when I try and try and try to forget you.


Comments on: "Phantom love" (32)

  1. Oh I love this so much and can relate to it so much too! The last two lines just say it all. The heaviness of “that feeling”. L&H xx

  2. Yes, I love it too. There is always a great story in your words

  3. The repetition in try and try and try works really effectively to intensify the sense of the efforts being made to forget and the writer’s desperation to forget. Nicely done, Ina.

  4. Great use of the repetition at the end of your poem. It makes the trying sounds as if it was all in vain.

  5. Sometimes it really is hard to forget someone whose presence is so strongly felt.

  6. Phantom love…and phantom pain. The image of the mind as a sauna works well in this.

  7. I love how you used try and try and try, in the end ~ Lovely response to the prompt ~

  8. like a phamtom limb..once gone still felt there on the stump…the same with the relationships severed…its where my mind went…and its real…

  9. So beautiful, and of course I love the phantom love theme.

  10. oh if we miss someone so much i can imagine that we can feel the wished for presence almost physically… an emotional write..

  11. you try, and try and try… that was powerful… lovely response!

  12. the touch is deeply felt and the heart’s painfully numb….and the repetition makes the situation sadder…very nice write…

  13. A haunting visual conveyed here …

  14. A great love poem even if it has a phantom essence in it.

  15. That effort to forget.. so well expressed, and amplified in your subtle use of repetitions.

  16. The sensation, the weight of that phantom love on your shoulder is made palpable by your subtle use of repetition. It almost feels like a self-confession.

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