The sunlit street –
impregnable wall to the world;
no way to enter ( which means no
way to get out) ,
no dark gate yet found.

Chalkboard scrapings
on a moonlit evening.

Staying indoors,
the soft whispering house
as remaining shell.
This is safe and silent darkness.

I had a sort of agoraphobia for a while as a child and teen (fear of going to familiar shops mostly). It was not treated and it ended when I was first pregnant šŸ™‚


Comments on: "Agoraphobia" (8)

  1. You nailed it, Ina. Great writing.

  2. Great poem Ina and oh how I can relate! I suffered with this for a few years while and after I had post natal depression with my youngest. It’s the most horrible feeling. L&H xx

    • Hi Christine, thank you very much, and how weird, we had the same problems! After my youngest was born, I had a psychosis which is a lot like a depression. As child I just could not enter shops, I got all dizzy and panicking. L&H xx

  3. Only those who have been there could possibly understand. I would t wish it on anyone xx

  4. I have it, and it’s getting slowly worse, so I can relate to this.

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