In order to change the television channel
I tried pushing the buttons of the remote control;
without success. No Father Brown at all.

But a man in Wellington New Zealand
answered his phone in an angry tone:
“It’s three at night and who are you then?”

Something went wrong here I suppose.
I better leave machines alone.


Comments on: "Those black thingies on the coffee table" (9)

  1. “Thingies” is a good word for them…and we have too many. I’ve been known to pick up the tv remote to make a phone call, or the cordless phone to change a channel on tv….

    • 🙂 Yes my mother did that and now I am too 🙂 And if there are smart phones, iPods and what have you on that table too, I really get confused lol 🙂

  2. I remember one of my sons telling me that in their student bar the remote had gone missing so often that finally it had been fixed with a nail to a pillar, pointing at the TV !

  3. I called you on my toaster, emailed you on my frying pan, Skyped you on my skill saw but you never replied…don’t you love me anymore?

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