Inevitable the problems come
to make our days go grey
but we don’t have to go there now.
We can postpone a resolution
and wait and just avoid the dark;
let’s say we can ignore the pain this way.

The swallows find their old nests from last year.
All will go on, so nature lets us know in flowers
and in youngest life, that soon moves sternly on its own
as if they’ve lived for ever. Why are we so afraid
that life will not go on if it’s not ours?

For now we see what this day brings, and what we
have as offerings to share.
Not all is well. Not all will be.
I’ll hold your hand when twilight comes, in rosy air.
We’ll watch the sun go down and mind not of the sufferings.

Comments on: "Coping" (8)

  1. “Coping” – that’s the perfect title for the quiet resolution you give us in these lines Ina.

  2. I really felt this one Ina. There are so many ways we find to cope; sometimes we even have to crawl back into denial for a short while because its easier. Then its a case of springing back and finding another coping strategy. L&H xx

  3. I’m not very good at coping but your words help my trying…

  4. This is such a beautiful poem, Ina! The second verse is especially moving and most exquisitely worded … just lovely. XO ♥

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