At night

The well in which the child fell down,
the house that burned down in a blaze,
the drowned old horses that were found;
who wants to live here in this town…

All doors are jamming here in pain,
no gate not screaming in the wind.
I can’t believe I’m staying, the cold
bad feel is creeping up. There’s horror here.

I’d rather leave this place at once
but I don’t know how I can go and
stop this nightmare which seems home,
my home in darkness but not far from real.


Comments on: "At night" (6)

  1. This is so wonderfully creepy it makes me want to say: hold on until I get there….maybe a nice back-rub, a hilarious story we can laugh at, and a lullaby…….

    • 🙂 well that would be appreciated! Some nightmares are horrible. I spent this night with my granddaughter as her parents are on the mainland in hospital (they are having their second child! No news yet! 🙂 ) and she had a bad dream, so I told her a happy story with herself and her friend in it and I told her to dream of that. And it worked! (I think my mother used that strategy too.) 🙂 I didn’t sleep myself though lol.

  2. wow. That was both powerful and disturbing. I’m glad it was a dream and not a life experience

  3. Dreams can be so real and frightening when they become nightmares … especially for a child … so glad your were there to comfort Eline! XO ♥

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