And he stood before his tent
watching the damp of the morning
and he knew all was well. Bit chilly perhaps.

Comments on: "And he created camping gaz" (8)

  1. Love this, Ina, and it reminds me of my hubby in our camping days…:) ♥

    • Hi Lauren, thank you 🙂 I hope they are good memories! There a many campers here on the island. I just did it once in 1988 with my husband, it was not very comfortable but it was nice to be in nature. (except for the rats lol) ♥

      • We have great memories and my hubby got the kids into backpacking, which they also love but I haven’t tried. We may try that this summer to Point Reyes, which is beautiful and only about 45 minutes away. It’s a good place for beginners. 🙂 However, I will admit that we both have graduated to air mattresses, no more mats. But if we backpack, we’ll have to rough it. We shall see! 🙂 xo

  2. Dripping with contentment. Nicely done.

  3. I know this moment…it’s sheer magic…

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