For sale

Staying behind in a house that’s abandoned,
for sale and forgotten and nobody cares:
the stray cat, a bat moving in for the winter,
the mice and some slow living spiders and bees.

The wood worms, the floors that are cracking and rotten,
the ants, the cobwebs, the mirrors and doors that won’t shut,
sounds from the past, the leaking rain talking,
memories playing their hide and seek antics.

Mould. Slugs. Two buried fetuses.
No new owner waiting, the habitants grow
in freedom, in size, in boldness and number
to a buzzing crescendo, to a scream in the night.
Where does it end? House for sale.

Comments on: "For sale" (14)

  1. You painted a very vivid picture here, Ina! 🙂

  2. Like it. Set me thinking. May plagiarise the idea! 😀

  3. Now wait a minute….I just realised….two buried fetuses?

  4. Under the kitchen floor. 🙂

  5. Not a house Id want to buy I dont think! 😊 L&H xx

  6. A real estate agent you ain’t, stick with the poetry….I think this house is me…

  7. A house to reside in only through your poem! 🙂 XO ♥

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