sunlight painfully reminds me of outside
while inside all is gently talking of darkness
and the choice is mine to live it or not

ants carry stuff without hesitation
rain never pours from earth to sky
there is logic everywhere but in me

the spider insists in keeping me company
building a new web every night
and it catches my thoughts in its silken net

one day she and I shall leave this cave
together facing the lightness;
for now she moves in circles like me

Comments on: "Choice" (8)

  1. Very dark, Ina, a feeling of frustration.

    • It was my mood this morning, I had to go out to get Lyrica pills and I felt too tired to even leave the house. And when I bravely did and walked to the pharmacy which is in the physician’s, the door there was closed as it is a religious holiday. But that did cheer me up somehow. šŸ™‚ Fresh air helps! šŸ™‚

  2. Deep thought process going on here Ina. But the fresh air always seems to help! L&H xx

  3. I may echo that fresh air … always lifts my mood. XO ā™„

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