Your lingering

Among the material that is you,
(breathing, body, footsteps)
lingers more, the you that has no name.
I’ve grown accustomed to its gentle meaning,
sensing you from every distance
not just by your voice.

Out of the abyss that is time
you will be heard in echos,
in a breeze, in whispers;
I shall remember you
by body, by mind, by affection
as I hear footsteps moving on.

Comments on: "Your lingering" (6)

  1. This is lovely Ina! And on a personal level it tells me I am stiil the me I was before MS. There is much more than the body, although it does come in handy!! Lol l&H xx

    • 🙂 Thank you very much Christine!
      It was written as a love poem, but I can see other meanings in it as well 🙂 L&H xxx

  2. A very loving poem!

  3. David said:

    Wonderful term, lingerling, for the “you that has no name.”

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