When she, in storm and spring-tide
stretches her arms,
empties her guts,
alters the beach
in a sizzling cruel crescendo;

when she vomits, foams,
wreaking destruction over land,
pouring her salty tears,
it’s then I do love her the most:

sea, demented granny, not yet amortized, fighting,
holding on to life,
tearing up all she encounters,
spitting ensis, throwing crab onto the sand,
she shows her dirty teeth
(the driftwood that is splintering)

and crying whales are washed onto the shallows.
She fights her demons like a lioness.

Then wind clams up and all falls silent, she nourishes her wounds
and quietly returns to far and silent grounds.

This is my translation of Verrinneweerd, the poem I wrote for the poetry contest of the event Dichter bij Zee that was organized here, Terschelling. It lost a bit of rhyme in translation. Yesterday evening the poem wan (a shared) first prize. πŸ™‚ Being on stage is always a bit scary, but it went well.



Als zij bij storm en springtij
haar armen strekt,
haar darmen leegt,
het strand verandert
in een sissend wreed crescendo;

als ze kotst en schuimt,
verderf zaait over land,
haar zilte tranen stort,
dan houd ik nog het meest van haar:

zee, demente oma, nog niet afgeschreven, strijdend,
hangend aan het leven,
verscheurt al wat zij tegenkomt,
spuugt ensis uit en smijt krab op het zand,
laat haar vuile tanden zien
(het wrakhout dat versplintert)

en grienden stranden huilend op het wad.
Zij vecht als een leeuwin tegen haar demonen.

Dan zwijgt de wind en al valt stil en koestert zij haar wonden
en keert zij zwijgend terug naar verre, stille gronden.

Comments on: "Devastated" (4)

  1. Oooh, I can so see why it won, Ina! Your connection to the sea comes through powerfully in this poem. Congratulations! And so glad it all went well. XO β™₯

    • Hi Diane, thank you very much πŸ™‚ It was a very nice event, with music surrouding the poetry (harp, flute, percussion) ❀ xx

  2. Absolutely terrific poem Ina! And Im so pleased it went well; I knew it would! 😊 I think out of all your sea poems I have read so far this one tells me the most how much the sea is a part of you. Fabulous. L&H xx

    • Thank you very much Christine πŸ™‚ It was a very nice evening, with a lot of poetry and music! L&H xx

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