On the bus

My granddaughter takes the bus with me,
probably her first time.
She is too short to look out
of the window but she doesn’t want to
sit on my lap, she is content
just watching a photo
of the bus that is hanging
in the bus
and the fact that we are there,
in that bus, means
we are also in that photo.
She claims she can see us
and she waves. I see us too.
We drive on and get to know
the essence of travel: to be there
watching ourselves in a bus in a bus.

Comments on: "On the bus" (23)

  1. A child’s eyes view. Lovely.

  2. Our next stop… the twilight zone…

  3. Reblogged this on stgreenie.

  4. What a wonderfully circular image you give us here Ina!

  5. Many heavy books have been written to try to convince us of what your granddaughter already knows! I love this one Ina!

  6. David said:

    Such a fresh view I to not only how a child sees, but how as adults we can see the child. Lovely.

  7. Wonderful! I love it! And bless her little heart for inspiring you! L&H xx

  8. radioactive144 said:

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  9. us in bus on bus

    Who’s driving – Dr Seuss? πŸ˜€

  10. Reblogged this on misha4197's Blog and commented:
    Lovely poem by a charming lady πŸ™‚

  11. The smallness in a child’s world is the largeness, even the completeness, we adults often miss. Wonderful poem, Ina! XO β™₯

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