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My toes love the sand.
The first little wave
to find the beach
draws back when we touch.

Mothers lift little naked children
when the waves get higher
but they cry,
they want to feel the sea.

We sleep naked under a sheet
that moves by the welcome draught.
Skin, we are all skin in Summer.
I watch the beige of your back
where the shape becomes half a moon
and lighter. We sleep together
in a bed too large to find us back.

When we are born,
the first thing they do to us
is clothing,
to put distance between the child,
it’s dirt, and the mother.

When we are dead, even then,
we are dressed up.
My mother is buried in a nylon dress,
her favorite, because
dirt fell off it and she liked clean.

Long after her bones are gone,
her dress will be there,
unchanged by time, untouched by earth.

I want to be naked
when I am put in a hole in the sand,
somewhere near the shore.
Maybe the sea will want me then
and not reject me.

Comments on: "Rejection" (18)

  1. Reblogged this on stgreenie.

  2. rejection can run as deep as the sand or let you build an island under your feet.. smile

    Date: Wed, 21 May 2014 11:16:28 +0000 To:

  3. Beautiful poem.

  4. David said:

    Well done, this sea of yours is a continuous inspiration. So many good lines, but “Skin, we are all skin in summer” is a favorite. So true. And so central to the whole idea of the poem.
    And PS: Mothers is no apostrophe. Nice one.

  5. Fabulous reflective poem Ina. The sea is your best friend I think 😊. And of course these days when babies are born the “rule” is skin-to-skin as much as possible unlike when I had babies and they were automatically swaddled! L&H xx

    • Thank you very much Christine. The sea is in my friends top ten list πŸ™‚ I know, the last babies I got, were put on my skin right away, and one of them was green as he was covered in meconium πŸ™‚ L&H xx

  6. I felt sorry for that dress, a poignant buried memory

  7. You have reminded me of an aunt who wanted to be buried in a “pretty negligΓ©e” because, as she said, nobody sleeps in their clothes! (For the same reason, she didn’t want them to put her glasses on her in the coffin.) Clothes can protect us from the weather, but they aren’t good for much else!

    • A pretty negligΓ©e makes more sense than clothes made of nylon, but they will last an eternity lol πŸ™‚

  8. “…we are all skin in Summer…”

    I love that.

  9. Such an interesting reflection … why do we need to be dressed when we are buried? From dust to dust? No, from nakedness to nakedness! πŸ™‚ XO β™₯

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