Beach pole

17mei2014 018

It stood as a signpost in water,
it was written in sand.
It lingered in the air
and it was a tune in my head, loud enough
to be heard for miles.
So obvious. So logical. So beautiful.

You never noticed though,
did you? You missed
the beach pole,
walked right passed
the letters spelled with shells,
you don’t breathe this air anyway
you never got the song.

I am a shell trapped in seaweed.
My letters washed away,
the melody gone for good.
The beach pole remains.
It is there where you’ll find me.
I shall be the oyster
clinging on to the rotting wood.

Comments on: "Beach pole" (10)

  1. Beautiful work, so evocative of where you live (as well as what you are).

  2. I really like the line ‘letters spelled with shells’ and the final one. Very calm and calming.

  3. I’ll shuck my shoes, feel
    the wrinkles of the old, old sand,
    it’s sad face shelled with years,
    and I’ll circle to you, smaller,
    smaller while the Noordzee sighs.

  4. Ina only you could make a beach pole the subject of such a beautiful poem L&H xx

    • Hi Christine, thank you πŸ™‚ This photo that I took on the beach here, gave the inspiration! L&H xx

  5. I think Christine said it … only you, Ina! Love it! XO β™₯

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