Almost awake

Getting out of the dream,
not quite awake, no word yet spoken
I try to linger on for more,
but church bells ring,
and curtains move, a bird is singing,
a toilet flushed.

So now the dream forsakes me,
and I become its traitor,
it does not want me woken,
starts slipping, already grudging
as I let go.

It will take
the memory away from me
before I can remember.
Before I know my name again.

Comments on: "Almost awake" (7)

  1. Colin Morley said:

    Very well observed. An unfinished dream is like a thriller with the back page torn out!

  2. So strange how that happens…Really frustrating when the dream was a happy one, and you really want to go back and enjoy it!

    • it can be done, I sometimes have serial dreams or go back from where sleep was rudely interupted 🙂

  3. My curse is that I can remember them going back years. But they do fuel poetry.

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