After our break up
I saw faces everywhere:
they grew and aged in clouds
and moved as shadows
through bedroom curtains,
hid in darkest corners,
popped up
in thousands of fixed clones
on wallpaper, in sunbeams
or appeared on tree barks,
telling me smiling stories
or horror scenes, pain,
but they were not yours –
the only face I searched for.

I once did see your face:
smiling, distant, different,
changed, one in the crowd of many
indifferent faces,
soon melting with them,
disappearing. Not looking for mine.

Your face became a matter of the past.
I found my own face in the mirror.
You were a memory at last.

Comments on: "Faces" (9)

  1. Love this Ina. Your poems would sound great read out loud, not by me though! My voice is totally flat unless I see a spider! L&H xx

    • Thank you Christine šŸ™‚ Oh, but I have heard your voice, I don’t agree at all! L&H xx

  2. On soundcloud? Id forgotten about that. I still think it sounded awful! Lol šŸ˜Š xx

  3. David said:

    All the detail that layers in the places these faces appeared, very nice. But I especially like the ending, how this relentless and evocative journey through the faces becomes the seed of memory.

  4. Touching, and what a clever last verse. You always leave me nodding my head at the quality of your observations

  5. Thank you šŸ˜Š xx

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