Tall he stood there

fam11feb2013 001

Tall he stood there,
he, my father,
me a toddler,
he a stranger.

Shadow caught him,
just a figure
out of nowhere
he appeared.

High he raised me,
he, my father,
on his shoulders
I was placed.

“He’s your father,”
said my mother –
there, beneath us,
she seemed smaller.

Close the sky was,
gone the earth now.
He, my father,
he was home.

In the photo: my mother, me and my father


Comments on: "Tall he stood there" (13)

  1. Wow!
    What a lovely poem?
    The photo makes it even more interesting.
    The young has grown!

  2. I love the look in your child eyes….like who is this, anyway?

  3. a lovely tribute to your dad Ina and a very precious photo…

    • Hi John, thank you very much, yes I love that photo, it does fade though, so one day the image will be gone alltogether, like everything does I suppose πŸ™‚

      • but not in your heart and then in your children’s hearts, if we can rely on technology preserving our images but if not then in stories which will never fade…

  4. That must have been a powerful experience, Ina. Experiences like this echo through the years and into this poem. It’s really the perfect experience for a poem.

    • Hi Thomas, thank you very much. There is another photo of my father with me on his shoulder, but I can’t find it, I remember it though, as it was so high! πŸ™‚ Things were different when he was home, which was rare. Normal was when he was at sea I suppose. For him – not sure.

  5. Oh, Ina, I love the photo … and the poem is one of the loveliest ‘father poems’ I’ve ever read. I think its simplicity makes its expression so moving, especially in the last stanza.

    I love it this, too:
    ‘Shadow caught him,
    just a figure
    out of nowhere
    he appeared.’

    • Thank you Diane! In the first draft, the lines were twice as long and the poem half as long, but I noticed I liked it better with the shorter lines so I cut them all in half πŸ™‚ x β™₯

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