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Tall he stood there

fam11feb2013 001

Tall he stood there,
he, my father,
me a toddler,
he a stranger.

Shadow caught him,
just a figure
out of nowhere
he appeared.

High he raised me,
he, my father,
on his shoulders
I was placed.

“He’s your father,”
said my mother –
there, beneath us,
she seemed smaller.

Close the sky was,
gone the earth now.
He, my father,
he was home.

In the photo: my mother, me and my father

I compare you to a bat

If a bat decides not to hang upside down,
is that a defected bat,
or does that mean
a new species is born?

You don’t fit in, so it seems,
but maybe the world doesn’t fit into you.
You are a bat,
and you won’t hang upside down.

Maybe you are the first of many
with a new way of thinking
and will you fly out of the cave,
not in darkness, but when the sun shines.

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