Forgotten vision

4mei14 024
A clear day made me see beyond blue,
water reflected a deepest sky.
I could see forever through and through.
There I rested and felt calmer too,
like so often with the sea nearby.

Without a search I found something there,
my mind was rinsed of bother and pain.
The silent sea and the soothing air,
an inner strength I had not been aware,
gave me the power to restrain.

The water wrinkled as thoughts returned,
it shivered, a cloud hung over me.
The vision went, not sure what I discerned
nor what the lesson was I learnt
I walked away, and let it be.

But years from then my memory knew
as I stood on the quay to watch the sea.
The vision came back, I saw what to do
to let go of my thoughts. The Northern wind blew
and brought the clearness back to me.


Comments on: "Forgotten vision" (12)

  1. This is nice, Ina…funny how the sea can clear the mind..

  2. Love this Ina. Is the poem a specific form? L&H xx

    • Hi Christine, thank you, well I liked the way the rhyme goes in a villanelle, after reading ” Don’t go gently into that good night ” 🙂 but this is not a villanelle of course. 🙂 L&H xx

  3. Well it sounds very good. 😊 Xx

  4. This is such an excellent poem, Ina! And the photo and its scene are so beautiful. What a lovely place to linger. I must apologize – I was hoping to catch up on your blog posts today, but work was busy and I may not do so until later tomorrow. But I will be back very soon! XO ♥

    • Hi Diane, thank you very much 🙂 It really is a pleasure to read all of your comments, but please don’t apologize, lol! Then I ought to apologize for responding so late, as you know I was on the mainland to see the eyedoc yesterday . 🙂 And good news: surgery in a few months 🙂 so there is light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

      • Yay! And no need for you to apologize either. So glad the surgery date is set for you. XO ♥

        • Not the date yet, as I want to wait till after the birth of Eline’s sister 🙂 But as soon as that happens, going for appointment with anesthesiologist 🙂 So glad the end is in sight 🙂 ♥ xx

  5. A nice, soothing villanelle, Ina. It sings with grace.

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