The bookshelf gang

Old men, they lean against each other in my bookshelf town:
Tolstoi and Nabokov, and Kafka next to Eco. Among them numerous
writers stand, or lie, some straight up, others almost jumping down.
So many of them dead but in denial perhaps,
ideas still there, inside their bodies with the fading covers.

Some start to rot and page by page let go. They stare at me
with questions more than I can answer.
Read me before it is too late, they whisper.
I pass them with closed eyes but hear them:
all thousand writers in my bookshelf town.

Comments on: "The bookshelf gang" (18)

  1. I love this Ina! Very original and very “you”. L&H xx

  2. Reblogged this on stgreenie.

  3. marcus said:

    Great write. Great read.

  4. What a great idea, and with great names to match.

    • Thank you Peter 🙂 I never finished the books by Kafka and Umberto Eco, and every time I see them standing there, I feel guilt!

  5. They all look the same too – they all have check shirts and John Deere baseball caps.

  6. Apart en prachtig gedicht , Ina, ik vind de weemoed in het ook heel mooi.
    groetjes, Francina

    • Dank je wel Francina, het zijn zulke goede schrijvers, maar ze staan er maar te vergaan in die boekenkast… 🙂 nou ja, ooit lees ik ze allemaal uit!

  7. and even if you never read them they are still there, in your town and a million others, giving or hoping to give their words like food…nourishing the future…

  8. I love this poem too Ina! My bookshelves are crowded, and I would not have it any other way, although the truth is that after we die the books which are part of who we are seldom pass on to anyone. More often than not, at least in the United States, to go to Goodwill if they are not thrown away. Still, the old men and women brew thoughts and emotions on our shelves that are so powerful they have changed the world over and over again, and if we do reach out and touch them one more time, we run the chance that we will be changed the first time we read Tolstoi or Eco. Great poem.

    • Thank you very much again Thomas. I think I should not buy books anymore until I have read all the ones I have. One of my sons is a reader, but I haven’t thought about what will happen with the books when I’m gone. I can’t really handle the e-book stuff; blogging, fb and emailing are my limits, and I don’t like reading e-books either lol. But they probably are a way to get a dustfree house 🙂

  9. I love this, Ina! I can’t let go of books, although my – and my mother’s – collection certainly do need a good going through. I’ll probably collect more before that happens! 🙂 XO ♥

    • 🙂 I want to read them all but I like writing even more lol. Still, I am sure I shall have eaten my way through the paper one day! ♥ xx

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