He stepped into his coffin twice a year,
to stretch himself and see if it was fitting.
But this was not enough, so in a hearse
they drove him to the cemetery lane.

Sitting up for the duration of the ride,
giving orders to the driving undertaker,
he waved at people in the street. He caused
his wife a fatal heart attack this way.

And now he’s dead himself, the hearse no longer his,
but every now and then, on misty days,
he can been seen, while waving from his coffin.



Comments on: "Rehearsal" (18)

  1. I like this a lot. It would make a great animation.

  2. A big shuddery smile!! 😊 L&H xx

  3. My Dad was an undertaker/funeral director…so this kind of humor is right up my alley…the whole idea of a rehearsal…..some folks really get into making those funeral plans….I really enjoyed this, Ina!

  4. I was just joking with my wife about this subject, of making those “final plans” by going to test out the ride in a hearse. Then I look today and find your perky dirge. πŸ™‚

  5. darkly hilarious and the title is brilliant, I’m a fool for puns…

  6. I can’t imagine doing a job like that – but someone has to do it and, hopefully, with the tongue-in-cheek humor in your wonderful poem! πŸ™‚ XO β™₯

    • Thank you Diane πŸ™‚ yes, some jobs seem harder than others and this one is so sad it seems, yet I know people who have a funeral business and they are chipper enough πŸ™‚

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