Before departure

All departures are a start,
but I don’t want to go into the new.
I’ve grown accustomed to this view
and leaving it will break my heart.

How does one part with memories
of childhood days? They seem to follow me
in streets. The chestnut trees
were always there, I watched them grow.

All starts are a departure,
familiar sights will fade in time,
I’m looking forward to a new adventure
but I don’t want to lose this view.


Comments on: "Before departure" (12)

  1. I’ve left so many views they all blend together. It is a loss, but you’re right new views and adventures are ours for the taking. I Felt this one.

  2. I love that telling detail of the chestnut trees, Ina.

  3. Reversal at the end, very nice. It all depends on perspective, doesn’t it.

  4. We need the old and new view. Give us balance. Would be nice if we could keep the energy and hope of youth. Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry.

  5. ah, Ina…

  6. The constant flux of life – or is it a dance: a few steps forwards, then backwards, and sometimes sideways? The dilemma of being human, I guess, Ina. XO ♥

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