In lakes, the ground unseen,
my thoughts of you must find a grave,
the depth of water I don’t know.
They ought to go and give me rest.

They might swim East,
fine swimmers as they are
or float more West,
or sink into the mud deep down.
I do not care. I need them gone.

I’ll tie them with a brick for weight,
as they should not emerge too soon.
My thoughts of you must find a grave
in lakes, the ground unseen.


Comments on: "In lakes the ground unseen" (8)

  1. You wonder about things much as I think, so reading your poetry always has a delicious and mysterious familiarity to me

  2. This one is stunning, that last stanza almost a refrain of the first but that brick sure gives it weight! Here is how repetition can deepen a poem when done correctly.

  3. Echoes of my heart, thank you Ina…

  4. Reading this, I felt it could have been a poem by Emily Dickinson. But, of course, it is uniquely yours and so lovely! XO ♥

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