Celebrating freedom

On Sundays, God took over the silence,
from the church came his angry voice:
the organ, heard in the entire village
where everything seemed forbidden.

But my mother hung out her washing
as it had gotten dirty on Sundays as well,
and she would ride her bike in spite
of the parson, who was in church anyway.

Hell and devil couldn’t bother her anymore,
not after all that happened,
not after that cruel war. (Where was He then?)
The happy heathen, she was free now.

“Your mind is yours,” she taught me.
“No one can keep you from thinking what you want.”
I celebrate my freedom. And thank
my free-spirited mother.


Comments on: "Celebrating freedom" (11)

  1. I really like this poem Ina; it’s something Ive been thinking about recently and I just wrote a poem called “Sunday Mornings” i may post it sometime, though it is themed in rather the opposite direction to yours. You will see what I mean 😊 L&H xx

    • Thank you Christine. I really hated Sundays, still do, the saddest day of the week, when shops are closed for the so called Sundayrest. For housewives it meant they just had to work double as hard on Mondays lol. I am glad to have found the freedom to do things when I want, not when church or religious busybodies allow it! This is a much more free era perhaps. But the shops are still closed mostly on Sundays, although people do want to work that day. Dead streets… Looking formard to your poem! 🙂 L&H xx

  2. Sunday always was–and still is–my least favorite day of the week. I like this poem.

    • Hi Cynthia, thank you! On Sundays clothes (Sunday clothes) had to be clean, that was still important, but on other days it was ok to get dirty lol 🙂

  3. I know exactly what you mean. Sundays have always given me that feeling too. And I dont know if its like this where you are but everyone had/has to have a big Sunday dinner, so more work for women on a so called day of rest! Lots of shops are open here now on Sundays thank goodness, but the day still has that feel to it. 😊

  4. My word for it is “ennui”.

  5. Perfect word for it Cynthia!

  6. Your mum, wise woman, you were lucky to have her…

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