The shivering roof tiles abhor and moan,
the storm struck house is shaking to the bone,
while water from the sky falls down, and blown
away are well loved trees, hardly full-grown.

Then suddenly the wind falls still and we,
not hiding anymore, come out to see
how bad it is, the damage and debris
and what became of our old apple tree.

Who would have guessed blossom met our eye,
such lovely white, and out of season, why
it started blooming now, in Winter’s high,
with branches full, why did this tree not die?

A miracle it seemed, that Spring like tree,
but it was a farewell, to good to be.


Comments on: "The tree that said farewell" (13)

  1. Wonderful, Ina, really was.

  2. Lovely poem Ina. We have a cherry blosom tree that decides to start flowering in November, all the way through winter but only sparse and then joins all the others and blossoms fully in the spring! I think its an attention seeker! Lol L&H xx

    • lol well our apple tree seemed dead, but now there are some little green leaves appearing! There also are two little apple trees standing near the old one, so it took care of continuation πŸ™‚ L&H xx

  3. With this nice little poem, you’ve made your tree into a person……just like Christine is doing with the cherry blossom….they really do seem to have personality, don’t they?. Our flowering trees are not doing their thing yet, but my huge Christmas cactus indoors is in full bloom….for Easter!

    • Hi Cynthia, thank you. A Christmas cactus… And what a nice thought to have it for Easter as well πŸ™‚

  4. Yes, WOW-Wonderful!

  5. As always, nature is there for us to be amazed … and take nothing for granted! Lovely, Ina! XO β™₯

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