Thanks maestro!

The day started differently
as I heard a piano,
to be more specific:
someone was making music
and the notes entered my room,
staccato, hammering.

As they chained together
echoing all that I felt,
they made me realize
not all was lost,
and everything

Comments on: "Thanks maestro!" (10)

  1. Oh I love this! So optimistic! Lovely ❤ L&H xx

  2. This is fabulous–I wonder how these images come to you, that create a scene for the reader.

  3. Wonderful, Ina – as you know, I love music, and this one really spoke to me. My daughter is rapidly turning into an excellent pianist, as well as a violinist, and this made me think of her. When, for all her teenage tantrums, she still sits down at the piano and plays, I also feel that perhaps ‘not all is lost’ after all! N.xx

    • Hi Nick, that is so great, that your daughter is such a talented musician! 🙂 It must make you very proud too 🙂 xx

  4. Music of the spheres…

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