Could we be strangers, ships that meet at night,
and see some lights ahead, in storms and rains,
not knowing whom shall pass our way, what freight
is carried. Or we might be sharing trains.

What do we know from where we come, what sight
is yours on normal days? I fear in planes
more of the people next to me than height,
what is it that they carry down inside?

Could we be strangers, as we never met?
Am I to recognise you as you are,
or are you in disguise and should I guess?

It all will be revealed when time is set,
and when we meet, please take me very far,
my stranger, let me make you carry less.


Comments on: "Carry less and travel light" (12)

  1. I have sometimes met strangers whom I was convinced I knew

    • I have too, and vice versa. Once I met a man who started to talk, he called me Clasien (my official name is Klazina) and he asked if my father was still at sea. I told him he wasn’t anymore, we had quite a conversation in the train, I didn’t know who he was but he seemed to know me, and then somehow we realized Clasien was another woman, one I knew, she looked a tiny bit like me I guess. It was a bit awkward 🙂

  2. That last stanza is so great–I just want to sit here and feel it all around me. Strangers can be such a gift in our lives.

  3. You are a true sonneteer, Ina – another beautiful piece. N.xx

  4. Lovely insights Ina…there are also strangers inside of us that we have yet to meet…

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