An apostrophe is all that stands between
the me and life, reality and verb,
a little dot and tail, both so superb,
connecting me to being, that I’ve been.

Perhaps another punctuation mark
would be a much worse chaperone for me,
as I am troubled by the verb ‘to be’
that chases me in daylight and in dark.

Attached so well, it’s almost making one,
the ‘I’ and ‘am’, the I’m to be the me,
a syllable where once we had the two.

My life does know by now of how it’s done,
just make a little dot, a tail and see:
I am connected to the word to be.


Comments on: "Apostrophe" (16)

  1. That’s wonderful penned, Ina.

  2. Wowza, that’s phenomenal, Ina.

  3. Wonderful

    This cheered me up this morning 🙂

    David xxx

  4. This made me smile, Ina, and think, too – and what more could anyone ask of a poem? The poor old apostrophe is routinely abused, demeaned, overlooked and devalued, but you’ve restored it to its rightful place, and reminded us of its true power and significance. I’m afraid I’m one of those people who gets annoyed by misused and missing apostrophes; there are more important things in life, I know, but as your poem shows, they can make a world of difference. N.xx

    • Hi Nick, thank you very much 🙂 One of the most visual aspects of English is the apostrophe connecting the object or person with the verb, as to make it one. Also the verb and the negative, as in don’t etc. As English has not many punctuation marks, as for example French has, I think the apostrophe should be well acknowledged 🙂 xx

  5. As you know, Ina, there is another way to read this poem, not as the grammatical apostrophe but the idea of addressing an imaginary character, in this case the self, especially in that first stanza. Clearly, the ending gains so much traction with the punctuation, but very curious and wonderful.

    • Hi David, thank you. Yes, I needed the punctuation marks in the last line, it would get too confusing if I hadn’t put them there. 🙂

  6. (I like the parenthesis)…(the whisper in the ear)…(the off-stage remark)…(a small package saying “I must go to confession”)…(I have sinned)…(a lapsed punctuator)…(but a worshiper of the Ina period in my apostrophe less life)…

  7. really smart and creative!

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