Memory knows

Some times go slower than other times move,
the old man in the supermarket row
is falling forever,
I have watched my mother die too slowly in pain,
I heard my newborns cry through thick walls
and forgot the sound of their cries very soon
like I forgot the face of death but in my nightmares.

Time seems neutral, but I know that memory
is never a true reflection, I can remember
your face though.
The old man may have lived on, my mother did not
feel her own death coming perhaps.
You won’t return and I shall not forget you,
some times are slower than truth, and my memory knows.


Comments on: "Memory knows" (17)

  1. I shall forget everything,
    Every face,
    Every detail.
    Already I find momentous from yesterday,
    Cached in troves steeped with importance,
    Yet more,
    They are meaningless.

    I have no yesterday.

  2. t h i n g s + f l e s h said:

    double wow … both lovely poems. tony

  3. Time and memories, definitely mysterious, shifting.

  4. Love this Ina, sad but lovely L&H xx

  5. Stunningly powerful – I love this, Ina.

  6. “some times are slower than truth,” …unforgettable beauty…

  7. Some times go slower than other times move
    A great line, Ina. The poem reaches for the truth inside the sadness of losing.
    …some times are slower than truth
    Combined with the first line, this phrase in the last line resonates throughout the poem, making the entire poem sing.

  8. Beautiful, Ina! Memories reach backwards and forwards, I think. XO ♥

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