Journey to yourself

When you go to other places, leaving
home behind, forget what you expect to
find, for greater must the finding get you.
Light that, either gold or silver shining,
dances on the sea, the sky is turquoise,
grey, it might be damping, misty, raining.

Don’t imagine sunshine, how it falls there.
Meet those moments – blank and mindless, humble,
eager, hungry – stepping down, away from
you, the self, and watch him, nosy, walk through
unexpected lanes and roads, before the
journey home, returning to the city.


Comments on: "Journey to yourself" (47)

  1. Wow, love the language in this, Ina. Great message about expectations. My fave part is “greater must the finding get you”.

  2. the journey to ourselves is full of unexpected discoveries and surprises… and good to keep that humble and open heart…

  3. smiles…its cool….dont carry our expectations but greet those sights
    for what they are so we do not miss their beauty blinded by your own desires..
    nice message in this…i love to travel…and need too soon…
    summer is coming.

  4. “When you go to other places, leaving
    home behind, forget what you expect to
    find, for greater must the finding get you.”.

    There is such wisdom and great advice right there. For life and travel. This just rings through the ages to me…

  5. I like this idea. We should leave room to discover what is at the next destination instead of thinking we know. If we think we know, we might be setting ourself up for disappointment and also perhaps missing out on the unexpected treats at the next destination.

  6. Expectation, imagining how a moment or experience might play out often leaves us disappointed. Like you say, better to be blank, mindless and humble.

    An interesting and intricate poem.

  7. I agree that expecting too much when traveling can lead to disappointment. I guess we should find the right balance between expecting too much and have no expectations at all.

  8. scotthastiepoet said:

    Ina, I’ve only just found you, I think and I enjoy your philosophical voice, with notes of yearning… With Best Wishes Scott

  9. Ah…to discover what IS… not imagine what we wish there was…that is when we will experience the blessings of the journey

  10. hypercryptical said:

    An interesting poem indeed. I like the idea of self-discovery on the journeys we take through life and tis better to be humble, accepting rather than expecting.
    Anna :o]

  11. Indeed, embrace the moment, embrace this journey.
    Well penned.

  12. I think we should journey into each new day like that!

  13. Isn’t it such FUN to mess around with language!

  14. How true.. Let all beauty meet you, and let imagination grow from that..

  15. I always over-imagine, over-anticipate, so often disappointed. Your poem really makes me think.

    • Hi Viv, yes I do that too, but I found it is much nicer not to expect too much. It always is better that way πŸ™‚

  16. I love the message of staying in the moment, letting go of what’s in our minds to grasp what is there, before us. Really intriguing.

  17. Beautiful poem. Inspirational.

  18. nice message…mind should be free from inhibition..and accept life as it is with humility..

  19. Brought thoughts of leaving home to be in a new country and culture…the joys and sadness of the immigrant…and also leaving the known and loved in a more metaphysical sense…the surrendering of the familiar in order to obtain peace and a new life…so much here Ina, thank you…

    • HI John, thank you very much. I so love to be somewhere else at times, and still home is a good place too. An immigrant lives in two places I suppose. The home and the new home.

  20. I would love to travel with a light heart and open mind, but always seem to carry too much stuff with me (physical and mental). I’ve always wanted to live and work in another country, too, yet somehow it’s never happened – or I’ve never allowed it to. This beautiful poem really made me think. Thank you. N.x

    • Thank you very much Nick. Traveling light, that must be ideal. No luggage, no thoughts, just go and experience. A bit like people did who went to India (some never came back?) but maybe just a holiday every now and then is a good alternative! πŸ™‚ I want to go to England really very much! x

  21. What a lovely, lovely poem, Ina. It sings and means at the same time. Good work.

  22. The only way to travel … literally and figuratively and, of course, imaginatively! XO β™₯

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