Apart we stand

Apart we stand as thrown away from love,
alone and tired, waiting for a ring
but no, the phone is dead and I won’t sleep
as well as when your breathing follows mine.

Apart we live our lives through thick and thin,
for what it’s worth, I never loved again,
I miss your presence, your reclining chair.
No I don’t care that you don’t ring no more.

We lie our lives pretending all is well
but nothing is, we stand as thrown away,
apart we are alone, and tired we move on.
I shall not phone you but I miss your voice.


Comments on: "Apart we stand" (45)

  1. So sad when loneliness sets in like that.. to grow apart like that can sound natural but it’s really a quite sad process—

  2. Widow Beach said:

    “Thrown away”, yes.

  3. I know that feeling Ina. >KB

  4. So sad, but what a last line to finish with.

  5. Achingly lovely and sad at the same time and you have captured the rhtym of iambic pentameter perfectly, methinks, Ina.

  6. well said Ina – we seem to wait on the past as if the future can never hold hope.

  7. How sad and lonely if both pretend that all is well ~ Enjoyed this one Ina ~

  8. nice ping to the heart in this one…for whatever reason it did not work the longing is still there…but we wont bridge that gap…..

  9. a lovely smooth flow to words that convey such sad emotions and (in)actions. Well penned, Ina

    • Thank you very much Tony. It was written in a bit of haste, I am glad it still holds as a poem!

  10. Hi Ina, you captured the sadness of the situation very well, I enjoyed the flow of your poem well done.

  11. Apart – interesting word, isn’t it? together it means separate, and separated it means “a part” of something greater. This reminds me of a saying, in Spanish so I’ll translate it: “Better to be alone than in bad company.” But, there’s still that part of us which misses what was good, and what is familiar.

  12. it’s sad that none of them wants to make that first step…. as long there is hope i would try..

    • Hi Claudia, as long there is hope it makes sense. And when is hope hopeless… So hard to tell!

  13. I know that feeling too. I miss a voice I haven’t heard in more than forty years.

  14. I like how this feels like a real letter. I love letters.. smiles.
    “apart we are alone,” and “no I won’t phone you” connected the most with me.

  15. So sad
    And yet it set me thinking, remembering and wishing

    Much Love

    • Hi David,

      sometimes we do sad things I suppose. Or we remember the sad, not sure which one.

      Much love to you too! 🙂


  16. True experience for far too many couples; learning to live with and accept the new norm is quite the challenge.

  17. Precise blank verse – picture perfect study in voice and its loss. (Check the first line of the last stanze, I believe the word is “live” and the “v” didn’t type…or got auto corrected.) Beautifully rendered..sometimes there is a “conscious uncoupling” but I believe the pain remains regardless of the label.

  18. Ah Ina, a timely touching of my heart as you always do…poetic wanderings or real, I hear you and am sadly wrapped in your bitter sweet words…

  19. Oh, such sweet sorrow. What do we regret more: the things we did, or the things we didn’t do? The people we’ve become, or the people we might have been? As always, you take us to deep places with your deceptively simple words. Beautifully done. N.x

    • Thank you very much Nick! I am very pleased with all your comments and yes, we shall never know if we did the right thing! 🙂 x

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