Trees die for the sake of poetry,
some were homes to nightingales –
one should be able to tell
by the poems on their paper.

Flowers are cut with the sharpest knives
to be given away affectionately,
but often the roses
die for nothing.

Words are read, silently tasted for sound,
their meanings unheard,
drifting through air
into oblivion.

The nightingale loses its home,
the flower its life and words their voice
to connect one searching heart
to another waiting soul.


Comments on: "Justification" (19)

  1. Love this, it really got me thinking.

  2. this is wonderful!

  3. Widow Beach said:

    Yes, this is a great ponder, Ina. I like the thought that are words should do justice to the trees we write them on. And I don’t know what to say about “meanings unheard”–if even one person “gets” my meaning, I’m pleased, but I don’t expect it anymore.

  4. Birds and flowers make such good subjects for poetry too…maybe we should go back to chiselling words in stone tablets?…

  5. This is lovely, Ina – pleasingly melancholy for a Monday morning! N.x

  6. Three poetic equations form a melodious conclusion QED. Nicely worked Ina.

  7. Wow, lots of relection here Ina and I love it as ever! I was immediately grabbed at the first line 😊 L&H xx

  8. Yes, it does make one consider … all those revisions I make … all those birds put out of their trees … although, I do recycle … even as I reflect and hope to honor nature, I destroy it. XO β™₯

    • Well most paper is made of recycled paper πŸ™‚ Which is a good idea for a poem maybe… β™₯ xx

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