The old chair

The wood is infested by worms that
ate themselves perfect round holes.
Imagine living therein, your brothers
and sisters as neighbours, tunneling
to meet each other on rare occasions,

eating some more wood thus creating
more space. But to die in flames, what
cruel fate, why not leave that old chair rot
until the worms move out. Until the wood
is gone and they don’t live there anymore.


Comments on: "The old chair" (9)

  1. Widow Beach said:

    You have such an intriguing way of seeing things, Ina.

  2. … as a gradually-decaying kinetic sculpture.

  3. Love this, Ina! In nature’s rotting there is always life. When my father was alive, he always wanted to clear away all the dead trees and mow all the grass, etc. Mom and I – through necessity and a love of the wild being close around us – take the opposite view and only ‘manicure’ (well, hardly!) a little of our land. It has resulted in nature creating interesting new and constantly evolving views and an abundance of birds and other wildlife being close-up and personal! 🙂 XO ♥

    • Hi Diane, first of all thank you very much for all your comments, I am very pleased that you took the time to read and react! 🙂
      A garden that can be natural gives so much unexpected beauty! You live in nature and it reflects on your beautiful art! ♥

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