Mischievous you were in your enticing elegance,
I liked our ligaments, our naughty, numerous
and humorous adventures with no dirty dissonance.
This was no decadence, as you seemed gentle, generous.

At times you acted so fantastic and amorous
but there is nothing glamorous in being bombastic.
I am not sarcastic, just trying temperance
because my tolerance is not for ever elastic.

Though your attention has been pouring plentiful,
so beautiful, giving my life a dearest dimension,
I dread that your pretension is very villainous.

You were too lecherous in this clever contention,
in my retention I have too many memories
of miseries, and you were mighty mischievous.

I tried to combine the droighneach and the sonnet form, I hope it is still a poem lol 😉


Comments on: "Mischievous (droighneach x sonnet)" (11)

  1. Widow Beach said:

    WOW (I’m otherwise speechless)!

  2. Amazingly clever, Ina – and yes, it is very definitely still a poem! 🙂 N.x

  3. A wonderful poem! Then, I never worry much about form … it is the content, including the heart and spirit of the piece that matters for me. XO ♥

  4. My god, Ina. You are forever creative. One of the most ancient practices of poets is to take forms and experiment with them, and you have succeeded here. Who would have ever thought? A droighneach and a sonnet merged into a single form? Nick Moore and I both took the sestina and double sestina forms and used iambic pentameter in each line, and in the double sestina we even entered the element of line, but your experimentation here is bolder than that. My old cowboy hat from New Mexico is off to you.

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