Past trees

I remember green meadows and
us, children playing in the grass,
how good it was,
who we have been
when trees were there for climbing.
We never fell.
We never felt further from then
than now we are grown up
and fallen is the tree,
the meadows gone forever.


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  2. Widow Beach said:

    Wow, what a powerful line: “We never felt further from then than now we are grown up”…….sigh.

  3. A l.ovely poignant piece, Ina, and one that really touched me, knowing that so many of my local trees are doomed to die because of the local authorities’ house-building plans. Really enjoyed this. N.x

    • Thank you Nick. After last years storms, a lot of trees have been removed, if they had not been blown away already, it is a sad sight in the village. x

  4. I like that reverse echo of having not fallen as children but that the tree has done so. It says so much about the passing of time. And some great form poems along the way to here. I’m still trying to uncover the blueprints for a droigneach, a form I’ve never heard of.

    • Hi David, thank you 🙂 I don’t think there is much info on that poem form, and not many examples.

  5. I love the melancholy of this poem Ina. Where we live, that is four houses in the row, this all used to be orchards with a big field next to them and we would sometimes play here as xhildren. Strange to think that now. 😊 L&H xx

    • Hi Christine,
      this house we live in, is also built on where there use to be a garden 🙂 I remember when it was built in 1985. We still have an apple tree as a reminder but I think it died this Winter. L&H xx

  6. A lovely poignant piece reminding me how much we have lost since we grew out of childhood innocence.

    David xxx

    • Thank you David, yes, a lot has changed for all of us, trees never seem to somehow. They just grow larger? 🙂 xxx

  7. Those ‘easy’ memories captured here. Lovely, Ina! XO ♥

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