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Marriage and music (not quite jorio :) )

I like to sing
along with the Bolero
but when I do so,
you seem to object

now we’re in the
middle of the act,
and efforts for good endings
jump to zero.


A dream in May (jorio)

a dream in May
way to love you
of what I feel
thoughts might move me

This Jorio can be read horizontally and vertically, the lines are:” a dream in May, way to love you, of what I feel, thoughts might move me, a way of thoughts, dream to what might, in love I move, may you feel me”

Seconds of eternity

It was there, but gone the other moment:
a thought, solution for a problem,
then – no more,
one of those clouds the wind blows out of shape,
dissolving in cerulean sky, or
a key, one of a kind, melted back to steel,
returning to the cluttered chaos of the mind.

I have found that unseen “there” at times:
between the deformed fragments of my past –
a lump of underheld emotions,
a deep dark pit
of possibilities and spite, with
every now and then a bright idea
that will never make it to the surface.

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